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Share with everyone a little of this pizza shop. I wasn't interested in these dishes before. Anyway, my sister lured me to eat because she was crushed here, so she let me go with her. But I think this shop has a durian pizza that sounds strange but because I like durian so I tried it. What I find is delicious. That it is fat. Because there are 3 types of cheese in the crust I don't know what kind. There is another kind of pizza here too. Pizza with hmong duck sounds like I want to try it. What we eat is what we crush. In general, there are some strange pizzas here that are tailored to suit the taste of Vietnamese Asians. Should eat without bored. But the crunchy pizza crust left behind the plate. Especially the super good staff. We say there's something sad here, looking for a staff member to eat and talk about as well. That's why I decided to do a really review review for the store. I eat here forever, so I get to know the owner, and I get a discount. I like it This month also has a 15% discount for those who check in at the restaurant. A perfect choice for couples to play with their friends and family or alone. Everyone please try it. The Home Pizza is at 127c Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong To, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang everyone



Best Pizza ở Phú Quốc

🍕 [THE HOME PIZZA] ~ Phu Quoc trip. Best pizza in Phu Quoc On the occasion of the whole family escaping from Corona to celebrate the wedding day of the family, the whole fami...

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About The Home Pizza

The "Home Pizza" is as cozy as it sounds. Our pizza dough is hand-tossed making each of your bites bring back home memory. Located on Phu Quoc Island, a famous tourist...

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