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On the occasion of the whole family escaping from Corona to celebrate the wedding day of the family, the whole family decided to take a "light" rest in Phu Quoc

I searched and consulted the review, so I enjoyed the space + “thin
“Is the plus point that drives me so brutally.

Get started nhaaaaaaa !!!!!!!


The restaurant's minimalist, black and white tone design is quite delicate and gentle. Decor paintings are quite pretty, I noticed that there were "The Home Pizza" written on paintings with roofs, shops, streets in Vietnam. The main restaurant I see is foreign guests. I still recommend booking a table so that the staff can prepare more carefully. And why I will reveal this below.

Right at the front is a pizza oven with details made from traditional ceramic pieces from Bat Trang, beautiful and cozy. Roast pizza has a rather strange aroma

The owner and the staff are quite nice and can speak English.

At this point, I have to nod and laugh at you guys are quite skillful and know how to understand guests and handle situations.

The service staff is enthusiastic, welcoming, and responsive.


Revealing that I always choose the appetizer as the soup because this warmth can aid digestion before and after a meal.

Clam Cream Soup
Salmon Sashimi n Ball
“The Home” Salad w. Basil sauce


Crab Spaghetti
I consulted on Tripadvisor and found that crab noodles are considered the restaurant's cupboard that everyone should try once. If you ignore it, it is a waste. A serving of 2 people comfortably. This dish makes me fascinated. The seasoning is delicious, the crab meat is bold, creamy and extremely fragrant if you are a fan of seafood. Like my brother, because he doesn't like shrimp and crab, he doesn't taste much when he eats cooked or raw seafood. In my opinion, the crab noodles will be a bit tired, so I recommend you to order more salad to eat to refresh. Furthermore, the meal will taste more rounded. ADDITIONAL POINTS, when the noodles are presented, the staff will also ask if you want them to split the noodles evenly on a plate? The staff even told me to take pictures, then I divided the noodles into a bowl for me.

Clam Pesto Spaghetti
I like the signature dish. If you take a beautiful photo, you can also eat it with the aroma of pine nuts. Sauce pesto is rich in flavor and characteristic aroma of basil / basil. Yes, it feels a bit dark, but you should give it a try. Both delicious and good for that health, digestion. I often say, "worth to give a try or many trials"


Pizza with thin, crunchy crust and fresh, rich toppings sprinkled with rich cheese. All blend in one bite to mix all the delicious flavors together. Even when choosing pizza 4 cheese + sprinkled with honey, you can see the full flavor without adding any fish protein.

(𝙷𝚊𝚕𝚏 & 𝙷𝚊𝚕𝚏 𝙿𝚒𝚣𝚣𝚊) H’mong Duck Pizza + Salmon Pizza
I choose half - half for 1 cake to enjoy more flavor.

Duck Pizza is the type I find the most Vietnamese super with duck and coriander.

The other half is Salmon, a combination of two European and Asian cuisines. Smoked salmon slices evenly on pizza mixed with sauce + cheese is very delicious and delicious.

Pizza 4 Cheese
Pizza 4 cheese sprinkled with honey is top notch. It makes me explode. Cheese is always fatty and will be slightly salty to quite salty depending on the type of cheese. But I really understand why the restaurant recommend honey to accompany this dish. It is difficult to put into words

Pizza 4 cheese is made from 4 types: Mozzarella, Parmesan, Camembert, Blue cheese (there are 3 options you can order 3/4/5 cheese)

Recommend this item if you have the opportunity to visit.


Homemade Cheese / Yogurt Icecream
Mango Pizza n Icecream
Hard fan of mango. I love to eat cakes with ice cream. In the old days, many people laughed at eating ice cream sandwiches. As a result, you can see the big and small brands all come out with cookies or cookies.

I like this dish very much, I intend to try more but too much fullness so I have to go to Phu Quoc next time.


Phu Quoc's Daught Beer

You must drink beer if you eat Pizza. One thing that I learned from my trip to Italy. But the craft beer in Phu Quoc is definitely too strange for you to try.


This part is what made me write this more for the team. Since the reserve time, I noted that it was on the occasion of my parents' wedding anniversary, so my family wanted to arrange the table in a light and cozy corner to take pictures too. I just noted that and did not ask for anything more. But at the end of the meal, I was quite surprised when the staff brought me a rose with greetings from the manager.

Small gift but really my family are very satisfied.

Thank you The Home Pizza for giving me an experience as well as a friendly look at your restaurant! My family enjoyed a delicious and satisfying meal! Big plus point for this trip.

🔸Spaces: 5/5

🔸Price: 4/5

🔸Food: 4.5 / 5

🔸 Service: 5/5

Location: Ba Keo Bridge, Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc.

Opposite (slightly diagonal) with Jumo BBQ / 127c Tran Hung

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